Why Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage?

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August 3, 2020
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November 24, 2020

Why Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage?

Why Commercial General Liability Coverage? The answer is simple: To satisfy contracts!

General Liability Coverage

This isn’t just insurance speak, but it’s an opportunity to have a quick reality check. And that reality is that shipping contracts are including General Liability in the insurance requirements with greater frequency. Landlords and affiliated businesses also require this in the agreements that you’ll encounter as your brokerage expands. The PFA Insurance Team can help you address the contractual terms and all those ‘odd’ insurance requirements. Don’t stress when asked about ‘additional insured, waiver of subrogation, primary non-contributory’ because we’ll help you get them added too.

Cyber Coverage Requirements

One more reality of today’s commerce and industry is that the thieves can’t always be seen. They are digital, electronic, and remote in their tactics. Due to this threat, some contracts now include cyber coverage requirements. The best coverage tends to be found in specialized policies rather than those that are added onto a package that you have on other exposures. PFA has obtained access to specialized programs that will help you learn about and reduce your potential exposures and protect you if something does occur. Give us a call at 800-595-2615 and a Commercial Insurance Advisor will be ready to help. You can also send an inquiry to agency@PFAprotects.com and we’ll set a convenient time to review this with you.