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Episode 1: The Power of Freight Broker Authority
Why are the years 1935 and 1980 so important in the evolution of Freight Broker Authority and how has MAP-21 affected the transportation industry? PFA Chief Executive Officer Daniel Larson explains in this first episode of PFA TV.

Episode 2: Transportation Insurance 101 for Freight Brokers
How important are Contingent Cargo insurance, Freight Broker Auto Liability and General Liability for Freight Brokers? PFA CEO Daniel Larson breaks down why they are essential to protecting your business and ensuring your success.

Episode 3: BMC-84s and BMC-85s and the Business of 3rd Party Logistics
How have the levels of financial responsibility changed for Freight Brokers? PFA CEO Daniel Larson outlines the importance of BMC-84s (bonds issued by insurance and surety companies) and BMC-85s (Property Trust Fund Agreements offered by financial institutions).

Episode 4: The Advantages of Bundling Surety with Transportation Insurance
PFA CEO Daniel Larson speaks to the impact that technology has had on all segments of the logistics industry and outlines the many advantages arising from bundling transportation insurance with surety requirements for Freight Brokers.

Episode 5: Relationships & Customer Service - The Secret to 20 Years of Success
PFA has been a driving force in transportation surety since 1988 when founder Penny Larson became the first to offer BMC-85 trust fund agreements to leading Freight Brokers. PFA CEO Daniel Larson says the company’s growth has been fueled by listening to its customers.

Episode 6: The Benefits of In-House Claims
In episode 6 of PFA TV, PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services CEO Daniel Larson speaks with passion on how important the provision of in-house claims servicing is for the team at PFA – and to clients of the company.

Episode 7: Why Vetting Motor Carriers is an Essential Practice
It is more than just a good idea for freight brokers to take the time to properly vet motor carriers; it’s an essential practice. Avoiding potential problems at the front end is a key to protecting your business and ensuring your success. PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services CEO Daniel Larson tells us why in this episode 7 of PFA TV.

Episode 8: Take the Time to Consider What Business Structure is Best for You
There’s nothing like a can-do entrepreneurial attitude behind starting your freight brokerage. Yet it’s also important to give some consideration to what kind of structure best suits the way you want to do business in the months and years to come. PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services CEO Daniel Larson explains in episode 8 of PFA TV.

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BMC-84 / BMC-85

(Required for Freight Broker Authority)

We have several pricing and payment options for BMC-84 Surety Bonds and BMC-85 Trust Agreements since 1998. We keep track of every claim from start to finish by constantly processing the required paperwork and communication until it is closed.


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