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May 23, 2016
June 27, 2019

Update on the FMCSA’s URS Implementation

The FMCSA recently announced a three-month extension of the Unified Registration System (URS) effective date until January 14, 2017, with a new full compliance date of April 14, 2017.

We posed some questions to our sources at the FMCSA and received helpful information:

    1. The FMCSA website states that URS rule compliance applies to freight brokers and freight forwarders. If this is the case, how does an existing entity (not in the URS) update their information into the URS?

When URS goes live, existing entities will be able to access URS via their portal accounts, similar to how they access MICMIS and L&I now. Until URS goes live, existing entities update their information via our legacy processes:

    2. What action (if any) is required of brokers who have an MC number and a DOT number, but have no changes to make in their information? Is there a requirement to register in URS, is this automatic, or is this done with the next regular biennial update?

There is no action required by existing entities when URS goes live. Existing entities data will be migrated into the URS system. MC numbers will go away and the USDOT # will become the sole identifier for a registered entity. For entities without a USDOT #, they will be issued one prior to URS.

    3. The FMCSA website states that ALL entities under its jurisdiction need to do a biennial update. Is this correct and if so, what is the procedure for freight brokers/freight forwarders to do this update? Is this available now, and when is the deadline?

Yes, this is correct after the URS is fully deployed. Currently, only motor carriers and intermodal equipment providers are required to complete a biennial update during the month and year based on the last two digits of their USDOT number (See 49 CFR 390.19 for more details). After we launch URS, brokers, freight forwarders, and cargo tank inspection, maintenance and repair facilities will have complete biennial updates based on the last two digits of their USDOT number.

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