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September 30, 2019
October 28, 2019

PFA Spotlight On Coverage

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability (also known as CGL or GL) is an important coverage for any type of business. Contractors and Landlords are often requiring this coverage. If you work from home, many people believe their Homeowners Insurance is adequate, but be aware that many business activities may be denied coverage in the event of a claim.

Examples of cases calling for General Liability Insurance

Consider the following scenarios as among the reasons why you should have a proper “GL” policy:

  • Contractual Requirements of Shippers, Landlords, and Vendors – This is usual and customary in many business-to-business scenarios;
  • Protect Your Company’s Assets – Defense and Payment for Claims if any arise;
  • Opportunities to Approach More Shippers – You have a Certificate of Insurance available if they ask about your Insurance;
  • Financial Obligations of Creditors – This may mean a need for Property Coverage, too!

What kind of claims occur?

  • Actions and activities due to a negligent act by an employee – Activities where actions lead to personal injury or property damage of others;
  • Libel and slander cases – Written or verbal statements that are claimed as injurious to others;
  • Good Samaritan Rule – Damages or harm caused in the act of assisting others in need;
  • Self-defense causing bodily injury – Others claiming your actions of self-defense caused them harm;
  • Attractive nuisance – Children that are injured while on your property after being drawn to some equipment or other items of interest;
  • Office party exposures – Invitees that cause harm or damage to others after attending your hosted event.

Actual policy terms and the details of any event will determine how coverage applies. But these fundamentals can help you realize the value that a Commercial General Liability Policy can provide you!

Call our PFA Insurance Team today for more information about obtaining this protection for your company! And remember, we’re here to not only protect your business, but to ensure your success.