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September 30, 2019
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September 30, 2019

Expert BMC-84 & BMC-85 Claims Handling

Experienced BMC-84 Claims Department

Who has the most experienced Claims Department in the transportation surety industry?


Why play Jeopardy with a less experienced claims team watching over your BMC-84/BMC-85?

If you are not already with PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety, consider the importance of protecting your collateral and/or bond. We offer claims knowledge and experience that is unparalleled in the entire Freight Broker surety industry.

We have extensive legal expertise in the specifics of Freight Broker regulations and the best news is that we process ALL claims in-house. Can your current surety provider say that?

Why does all of this matter so much in the protection of your business?

  • Our claims servicing department guards clients’ collateral and/or bond by ensuring that only legitimate claims are processed;
  • As the industry leader in BMC-85s for two decades, our claims staff has processed more claims than any other surety provider;
  • This same expert, dedicated, claims department manages the claims for our BMC-84 customers as well;
  • Unlike other multi-line sureties, PFA only deals with broker bond claims and works diligently to protect broker contracts;
  • We keep track of every claim from start to finish by constantly processing the required paperwork and communicating with all parties until it is closed;
  • PFA provides the best possible customer service in the entire industry.

Call us today to find out more about our in-house claims team. It’s one of the signature advantages of trusting your business to the team at PFA.