Becoming a FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Provider – 2021 Program Year

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November 25, 2020
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Becoming a FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Provider – 2021 Program Year

Registration for the 2021 Program Year is now open! The FEMA Tender of Service Program serves as the gateway for Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) wishing to do business with FEMA. Consider this registration window (open until 2/12/2021) as an opportunity to be part of the FEMA transportation team. You can participate as a Freight Broker and/or Motor Carrier if you have an active FMCSA registration of either type of transportation operation.

FEMA’s carrier selection process has specific requirements, including qualification of drivers, which add duties that are atypical to a traditional brokered load. Please read and understand those duties in order to be compliant. It is in your best interest to do your due diligence thoroughly and follow all FEMA requirements exactly; otherwise, your future payments could be jeopardized.

One of the FEMA TSP requirements is a $300,000 limit for cargo insurance. PFA’s Insurance Team has several options to help transportation companies comply with this insurance obligation. One easy and effective solution is to use a “Shipper’s Interest” cargo product on a per load basis. This type of coverage helps to overcome the challenges posed with existing cargo limits being inadequate or coverage limitations of an active cargo policy. This option helps address both the Freight Broker’s issues with Contingent Cargo and the Motor Carrier’s Motor Truck Cargo insurance coverage that is already in place.

For information regarding how to register for the FEMA Tender of Service Program, please visit: At this website, you will find the steps to become a FEMA-approved TSP. You will also find links to important program documents, including the FEMA Standard Tender of Service and FEMA Uniform Rules Tariff No. 200, which lay out the requirements, terms, and conditions for participation in the program.

Per FEMA, the only document you will submit via email to FEMA will be the LSCMS User Request Form. All other documents will be directly uploaded to LSCMS. Forms can be found here.  Once you have had an opportunity to review the information on FEMA’s Transportation Programs website, you can reach out via email to if you have any questions.

For any questions regarding solutions for the $300,000 cargo insurance requirement, or any other insurance-related questions, please email and one of PFA’s Commercial Insurance Advisors will contact you. You can always call us at 800-595-2615.

We are here and available to help as you explore new business opportunities for 2021.

Team PFA