PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services is proud of its 20 plus years of leadership in the field and appreciative of the word of mouth and referrals that have helped us become the largest provider of BMC-84s/BMC-85s in the nation.

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To continue to show our appreciation, our referral program will reward you with $100 for any prospect that you refer when they come on board with PFA for a BMC-85. Help spread the word about our track record of success, expertise and customer service.

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Helping Motor Carriers Grow Their Business

If you have Motor Carrier customers, please keep in mind that in addition to our proven track record in surety services for Freight Brokers, we also specialize in helping Motor Carriers gain Freight Broker Authority alongside their Carrier Authority. We can walk your Motor Carriers through the process that delivers a series of economic and legal benefits to having Freight Broker authority, including removing the risk of illegal brokering of freight violations of federal MAP-21 legislation – which requires Motor Carriers who broker freight to have either a surety bond (BMC-84) or trust agreement (BMC-85). PFA sells both.

Transportation Insurance and Surety Services Under One Roof

Remember that PFA has expertise and experience in both transportation insurance services and transportation surety. We offer all lines of transportation insurance that a domestic Freight Broker needs.

Thanks in advance for helping us give our clients what they need, when they need it. We truly appreciate the referrals we receive and know how important they are in a world that often revolves around trusted industry influencers like you.

The PFA Team

*In the event that a prospect comes to us through more than one referral source, the referral fee will be determined by how they contacted us first.

What You Need. When You Need It.

BMC-84 / BMC-85

(Required for Freight Broker Authority)

We have several pricing and payment options for BMC-84 Surety Bonds and BMC-85 Trust Agreements since 1998. We keep track of every claim from start to finish by constantly processing the required paperwork and communication until it is closed.


Get the right coverage and secure the most competitive rates. When it comes to protecting your business, few insurers offer all of the different lines of insurance that a domestic freight broker and/or freight forwarder needs. We are here to offer you intelligent insurance solutions on every front.



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