August 22, 2019
Expert BMC-84 & BMC-85 Claims Handling
September 30, 2019

How Freight Broker Education Can Grow Your Brokerage

There is a reason that Freight Broker education requirements were implemented with the passage of MAP-21. They work!

A quality Freight Broker education program is one of the most effective tools you can give yourself to build a successful freight brokerage. It can also be vital in taking a moderately successful brokerage to the next level. Our team at PFA is committed to helping you build the most profitable business that you possibly can.

One of our dedicated Account Managers can refer you to an excellent Freight Broker training program and/or professionals that specialize in helping entrepreneur-type businesses maximize their profit and potential.

Although the FMCSA is not currently enforcing section 13904 of MAP-21 – which requires brokers to have three years of experience or complete a broker training program — such enforcement may begin at some point. Get compliant and help your company gain valuable knowledge for your own success at the same time. Please call us today at 800-595-2615, we are happy to give you referral sources that will provide you with excellent training and education!
And that training and education can give you the edge you need to be successful for the long haul.