Your Expert Navigators: Even at Home, CyberSecurity is a Growing Concern

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April 30, 2020
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Your Expert Navigators: Even at Home, CyberSecurity is a Growing Concern

Cyber breaches happen when secure, private, and confidential information on your electronic devices is accessed by third parties and released in a way that can set you and your business back in unintended ways.

Is My Computer at Risk for Fraud?

You may believe your computer system is secure, but the fraudulent actions and targeted attacks upon computer systems – business and personal – only continues to increase. Often, unsuspecting people fall victim to a ploy that can put these systems and data into the hands of cyber thieves.

Adopting an Everyday Cyber Security Mindset

Cyber security should become part of your work culture, whether most of your systems are accessed at the office or – as in these challenging times – at home. Recurring training and constant self-assessment of you and your employees is an effective way to combat this problem.

NXTsoft Cyber Education and Phising

One of the best ways to achieve this cyber secure culture is on the strength of the NXTsoft cyber education and phishing platform. It provides effective training and testing of awareness. We believe this on-going program is a must to be cyber-safe. Whether you’re a Freight Broker, Freight Forwarder or Motor Carrier company, your employees play a key role in your first line of defense in the cybersecurity challenge. NXTsoft has granted PFA Transportation Insurance & Surety Services the opportunity to provide you – free of charge –a REMOTE WORK Video Series. This program is timely since many employees are currently working from home and the cybersecurity challenges have certainly increased in this period of expanded network access.

When you access this LINK, enter PFAprotects in the “Referred By” box to obtain access to this training. The Insurance Team at PFA will also help you obtain full access to the complete NXTsoft Cybersecurity program of Education, Learning, Awareness, and Threat Intelligence Programs. These programs are provided for your entire team at a reasonable cost and will protect your ability to operate, maintain reputation, and avoid liability breach issues.

To find out more, give us a call at 800-595-2615 or email We can also discuss the most common cyber issues and the importance and benefits of cyber insurance coverage.