ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL TAX PREPARERS! – We now offer special errors & omissions insurance for you.

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ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL TAX PREPARERS! – We now offer special errors & omissions insurance for you.

It’s that crazy time of year again! It’s tax season. It’s also the time of year where mistakes can happen. When they do, it can be costly for you and your business. Whether you have clients in the transportation industry or know of an accountant, CPA or other tax practitioner that works in the logistics field, we have some good news for you – and for them!

The team at PFA now offers special Errors and Omissions Insurance for Tax Preparers. It’s a coverage that we strongly recommend that you purchase for your business, to give you the peace of mind that you won’t be putting your hard-earned fees and profits at risk. Having this insurance is also a stress-buster for your practice since claims and lawsuits against tax preparers are becoming more prevalent. Even the most careful tax preparers can be exposed to legal action these days.

To protect you and your practice, the Errors & Omissions Insurance for Tax Preparers covers claims made by your clients and legal fees incurred in defense of alleged errors and omissions, up to the policy limit. The policy covers both your full-time and part-time employees, even if they only work during the tax season. The deductible on this policy is a reasonable $250 single/$500 aggregate per year.

When the pressure’s on, mistakes can be costly. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Don’t take the unnecessary risk of being exposed. Consider our Errors and Omissions Insurance for Tax Preparers today. We’ve attached an application to get you started: Please complete and return it to us by email today.

On behalf of the team at PFA, we’re convinced this is valuable protection for you and we know that we can make a difference by serving you during this most important time of your annual business cycle. Give us a call today at 1-800-595-2615 or email us at and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Team PFA