Ensuring Your Success – Spotlight on Shipper’s Interest

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March 31, 2020
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April 30, 2020

Ensuring Your Success – Spotlight on Shipper’s Interest

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And there’s no question that the going is tough as Americans in all sectors and from all walks of life join together in the national and global fight against COVID-19.

Network of Critical Shipments

Despite the extreme adversity, today is an opportune time to be part of the network of critical shipments that are needed in our nation. This may mean you are suddenly facing new shippers, possibly higher cargo limits, commodities that are not common to you, and possibly a growing number of new motor carriers to deliver for you.

Shipper’s Interest Cargo

In the midst of all of this, we suggest that Shipper’s Interest cargo can help you with some peace of mind. Since the coverage limit is determined per load, you don’t have concerns of the trucker having adequate limits and acceptable deductibles. Shippers Interest is a quality coverage and responds promptly to pay the claim timely; helping you focus on other issues.

Often the shipper is paid sooner than settling with the trucker’s insurer. This makes your customer easier to satisfy should a claim occur. With Shipper’s Interest, you don’t need to seek excess limits if the trucker’s limits are not adequate. This coverage can also reduce your contingent cargo exposure as the possible failure of the trucker’s policy to pay is not a factor of concern. Some Freight Brokers use this option for a trucker that may have adequate limits, but concerns exist over their coverage quality. That also applies when you want to protect a shipping relationship with a key customer.

Shipper’s Interest Cargo Coverage

If you’re interested in these points and you’d like more information on Shipper’s Interest cargo coverage, reach out to us today and ask for our PFA Insurance Team. Let’s discuss how you can benefit and set up this option for your company. One of the best advantages is that you ‘pay as you go’ and know in advance the cost so it can be built into your pricing structure with the shipper or settlement offering to the trucker. Many Freight Brokers are moving on possible opportunities with FEMA and other shippers that may arise in the future by having this option ready today. Let’s get you started too!

You can email Agency@PFAprotects.com or call 800-595-2615 to have a Commercial Insurance Advisor help you add this option into your list of competitive advantages in 2020! Gaining competitive advantage and business protection has never been more imporhttp://800-595-2615tant.

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